"Let it Rock!"

"Let it Rock!"

Friday, June 18, 2010

Emerging Technology 2: Surveying!!!

I love surveys! There fun to take, fun to give, and enlighten you on statistics that will blow you away! Let me tell you about this new survey program I found that is simply easy and fun.

A survey is a way of giving and receiving information and using the results to find great conclusions. Surveying enables you to research and collect data in a very easy and positive format. The art of surveying is such an easy tool that anyone who follows these easy steps can get started and going! It's so much fun asking questions and reading peoples responses that sometimes you really get thrown off gaurd by some of the responses you'll read.

I've given and recieved surveys since I was in grade school doing science fair competitions. Some of the most interesting surveys I've given include surveys on music, love, and friends. Where it can seem juvenile, I guarantee you will fall head over heals for this quick and easy step by step process of getting together.

Click the following link to take my survey and check out Polldaddy.com!
Emerging Technology Survey

5 Tips for a successful surveying.

1) Use your critical thinking skills when coming up with questions!

2) Write a new survey every two weeks!

3) Make sure your are being ethical to your audience when asking questions.

4) I believe you will see from my survey page how easy it is to make one!

5) Learn the benefits of using this emerging technology by researching and applying what you learn!

Go to Polldaddy.com and sign up using your email address and follow the easy 1-2-3 step process of signing in and getting your surveys established!

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  1. Thanks Michael for asking my opinion. I chose... well you'll have to look at my survey :)


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